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About Us

Professional and Expert General Contractors

Ritzert Co.,Inc is a Veteran Owned company that has performed as a high quality, high performance contractor for over four decades. Mr. Roy J. Ritzert and Mrs. Barbara A. Ritzert founded the company in 1973 as Ritzert Plumbing Company, Incorporated located in Evansville, Indiana. The former Ritzert Plumbing Company’s primary sectors for plumbing and excavation work included the following: residential, commercial, and industrial. As the company’s sectors of work expanded to include more than just plumbing and site utilities it became necessary to change the image of the company. Therefore, in 1993 Ritzert Co., Inc was formed. In 1996, a manufacturing facility called Kerry Ingredients became Ritzert Co., Inc.’s first design/build mechanical project that proved to be a successful venture for both the owner and Ritzert Co., Inc.. This paved the way for many more design/build projects and eventually a need grew for Ritzert Co., Inc. to become a general contractor in order to better serve our clients’ needs. In 1998, Ritzert Co., Inc. simultaneously performed as general contractor for a manufacturing facility called Matrixx Group and a refrigerated warehouse called Roundy’s. The $9.1million dollar Matrixx Group project was completed in 10 months and the $6.38 million dollar Roundy’s project was completed in a fast-track window of 10 weeks!

In 2000, Ritzert Co., Inc. expanded our work experience to include pre-engineered metal building erection as well as total station layout, and concrete footing and slab installation.

Ritzert Co., Inc. has held a strong presence in the community by being a union contractor and also a proud service volunteer to local schools and school events. We continually strive to streamline the efficiency and technology in our construction projects from our initial pre-construction consulting services, general construction services (including self-performing demolition, earthwork, utilities, and mechanical construction) to post-construction closeout and maintenance services. We have integrated software into our technology resources to produce estimates that are accurate, quick, and easy to follow. Ritzert Co., Inc. uses Microsoft Project for our detailed schedules and AutoCAD for detailed drawings. As General Contractor, Ritzert Co., Inc. works closely with all responsible and competent subcontractors in a team-oriented manner to build projects that are better, safer, and faster than the owner anticipated. Ritzert Co., Inc.’s goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients!